Hillary Clinton Will Set Out a Progressive Economic Vision and Focus on Income


Hillary Clinton will lay out a vision for the economy on Monday that focuses on boosting the middle class and addressing income inequality, a central part of her progressive vision of the presidency as her party tacks further to the left.

In a speech at the New School in New York, the Democratic frontrunner for the presidency will seek to play a part in redefining the meaning of economic success in the U.S., saying she would focus primarily on growing middle class incomes instead of gross domestic product, the traditional metric of an economy’s value.

“The measure of our economic success should be how much incomes rise for middle-class households, not an arbitrary growth figure,” an aide said, summarizing Clinton’s thinking about the economy and her coming speech on Monday.

She will call rising incomes “the defining economic challenge of our time,” added the aide.

Clinton’s speech on Monday comes…

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