Entertainment Week

Hello again,I know it’s been a while but am back this time with something good from the entertainment as we fly all the way to the Kenya ‘+254″ as its commonly referred to.

Well I was met with an artist who totally inspires with whatever he says in his music and I had a chance to actually watch as he launched his new music video to the world.The artist am referring to is known as Samora Mwamba alias GKV Kenya ‘Genius Knows no Vanity’.

GKV KENYA 3Well GKV Kenya is a well knowned artist in Kenya and the current C.E.O of Chuo Records located in Nairobi,Kenya.He describes his form of music as versatile as it is not tied to any form of genre but when he is really feeling it, hip hop infuses inside him and out comes excellent music.


As soft-spoken as he is and well articulate in both Swahili and English in his music,GKV Kenya says he needs to get the industry up and running again to its previous state or even better as the neighboring countries are getting too competitive in terms of music delivery.He believes it deserves a charge to get to a perfect place with all the right measures in place.

GKV Kenya 1

Kenya can do well musically if we value the art of music well-GKV Kenya.

Well he has good stuff being released this year to the world so its better having a keen eye on him and wait to hear more from him.Here is a link to one of his new music videos released this month Gkv Kenya-All The Way Up Remix(Official Video).

Follow him @GKV Kenya on all social media platforms as you get exclusives about him hand on hand.

GKV Kenya 6


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